I have used Statewide Assets over many years now. During this period they have saved me a significant amount of time and money. I don't understand why anyone would deal directly with the banks these days when they can benefit from the independent and focused services of a firm like Statewide.


I value greatly Graham's advice, integrity and knowledge of the property sector.  His experience is second to none.  In addition to the services Statewide offer they know and can put you into contact with a range of other property  professionals that can add significant value in your efforts to build a property investment portfolio.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services. 


Lachlan Cameron, East Malvern, Victoria. 



Everything that Graham does is to the benefit of his client, he is always working for you and not for somebody else.  I have found his honesty, integrity and commitment to achieving results to be outstanding. 


Since 1983, all of our property acquisitions have been undertaken by Graham and Statewide Assets and he has worked tirelessly to achieve the best financial arrangements in every case.  He is forthright in making sure we understand and interpret all the facts involved.


In providing advice, Graham spends time to understand our total situation.  He does not give advice in isolation, he gives it with our whole perspective in mind.  Graham does this to make sure one decision does not upset the apple cart.  His approach of thinking long-term about our requirements has definitely demonstrated its financial value to us over time.

Graham makes himself available to speak to or obtain advice.  He clearly understands that his clients may not have the same degree of financial knowledge that is required to get the best results in today’s ever changing market.


I have had no hesitation in recommending Graham and Statewide Assets to others over the years and certainly will continue to do so.


Paul Korczak-Krzeczowski, Kew, Victoria



We have been working with Statewide Assets since 2006.  During this time they have helped us secure finance for a renovation and two property purchases. The finance that Statewide Assets secured has proven to be consistently competitive.  Graham Jay’s wealth of knowledge and experience has been invaluable to us.  Graham and his team work with integrity and offer a ‘steady hand’ through the maze of finance options. 


We value the independent nature of the broking service and plan to use Statewide Assets again soon to help secure a construction loan for our next renovation.   We have absolute confidence in recommending Statewide Assets to anybody who is looking for an independent mortgage broking service.


Julie Jones, Northcote, Victoria



Statewide Assets was recommended to our company when investing in real estate in Melbourne 1999.  Being a great believer in following “gut feeling” we had a sense of a caring advising company at our first meeting. Further dealings with Statewide Assets resulted in the financing of several lots of real estate purchases by Statewide Assets. We are very happy to recommend Graham’s company in all aspect of financial lending advice.


Meetings have always been conducted in a personal and relaxed manner without commercial pressure.  The depth that is taken by Statewide Assets in establishing our true borrowing position in relation to our financial limitations and taking into consideration our personal and family ideals was exceptional – something we have not experienced before.


We are extremely pleased with the Bank terms and conditions and interest rates which have been recommended to us, and have accepted every loan proposition offered to us by Statewide Assets. The same professional, caring and personalised service has continued from the start of bank negotiations through to signing of the contract.    


We have enjoyed our long term relationship with Graham and his team, the no pressure way they do their business, and how we have always been welcomed through a business or non-business visit. Again we are very happy with our business and personal relationship with Graham and his team.


Ross & Val Powell, Rosval Investments, Cooriemungle, Victoria



Statewide Assets was referred to us via a family member. Graham and his team at Statewide assets originally helped us with the finances for our first home and more recently the finances in selling and purchasing our family home.  The purchase of a house is a very overwhelming experience and having Graham always available to answer our questions and provide valuable advice put our minds at ease. 


One thing we liked was their ability to talk to us at our level both in the big picture and in the details so we felt we were well informed and knew the timelines involved.  The team at Statewide assets always followed up to check on our progress and took care of everything behind the scenes within the required timelines.


We were provided different options all of which were explained in full and then they suggested the best option for our individual situation.  


We have recommended using Statewide to other family and friends and as a result Graham and his team has provided advice to our family for over 20 years.


Nick and Kylie Sterritt, Melbourne Victoria



Graham competently approaches financial solutions with a technical and commercial understanding.  He is conscientious, thorough, reliable, personable and is a clear communicator however complex the topic.


Tim, Melbourne, Victoria



We first met Graham Jay at a property seminar and were impressed by his knowledge, energy and ability to explain things. Shortly after, he organised the finance for our first apartment, which was in Middle Park. Three years later when we wanted to buy our family home in Hampton, we went and saw Graham again. We wanted to know how much we could borrow and to get the best deal with a reputable product. More recently he organised finance for our new home in Hawthorn. Over the past fifteen years, Graham has seen us grow, and has been an integral part of the financial security we enjoy today. At one time he advised us to be bold and to loan a large amount and at another time he cautioned restraint. On both occasions, with the hindsight we have now, he was right.


The first thing you'll notice about Graham is his ability to connect with you - to listen deeply to what it is you want. If you’re there to see him with your husband or wife or with a business partner, he has the uncanny ability to read between the lines and work also with what will be best for the relationship. Over the years we’ve recommended him to friends of ours - some with money and others without money, and regardless of which, they’ve all received an education with Graham. He pulls out the whiteboard and can spend literally hours with you on your financial situation, nutting out solutions and strategies, to strengthen your position. He pours his financial genius and love into your situation and tries to elevate and inspire you with the possibilities. I genuinely believe he is a man connected to a great sense of purpose, which is to help people. He wants to see people thrive, and succeed financially. I’ve watched him be proud when I’ve understood and applied something he’s taught me previously. 


Yes, he organises the finance, but prior to that, he spends hours ensuring that your decisions are wise and financially astute. He is much, much more than a mortgage broker. This is a man who is alive with the purpose of helping others; it just so happens to be in the area of finance. We love him, and couldn’t recommend him more highly. He is that rare person that serves others with excellence.”


Victoria Keogh, Melbourne, Victoria 



Statewide Assets has never steered us In the wrong direction.  It has been an integral part of our personal and business development and we have complete confidence in their skillset and professional advice they provide.


We have both have worked very closely with the team at Statewide Assets, in particular Graham Jay, for over 20 years. They have assisted in facilitating our financial growth and development from buying our first house… purchasing our first investment property… to taking out a commercial loan to purchase our own business and become our own bosses.


Make no mistake, we have worked hard, but we pay attention to the ongoing personalised advice and we are now about to open our second business. We appreciate Statewide Asset's ability to maintain realistic goals that are always achievable……it’s working for us so far!


Mel and Fi, Melbourne Victoria



My wife and I engaged the services of Statewide Assets a number of years ago because we needed a trustworthy partner who could be with us on our journey to financial freedom through property investment.


From the first meeting with Graham and the team at Statewide Assets we knew that we had made the right choice. This is because they not only took the time to listen to our personal situation and unique requirements but also because they were totally honest and transparent about all of their recommendations.


We particularly liked the fact that their advice was truly independent, that everything was fully disclosed in layman’s terms, that there was no pressure to make a decision and that no particular product was pushed onto us ahead of any other.


I was very satisfied with the entire mortgage experience provided by Statewide Assets including their customer service and follow up consultations.


I would highly recommend the services of Statewide Assets to anyone who is either looking to achieve their own financial freedom or who needs a trustworthy partner that can help them along the sometimes confusing path of property investment.


Darren and Nancy Kittelty



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